Escape from the cultural prison 'Conflict Thinking'

cultural prison Born in 1953 I was in a perfect position to recognize the growing americanization of Europe after WWII, culminating in an rationalized western world of law and order. Where most humans are reduced to part of a HUGE workforce of the awfully few very rich and resultingly behave far below human possibilities (waste of space): big is beautiful; capitalism; individualism; power politics; rationalization.
I experienced how Europe gradually and than faster and faster was sucked AGAIN into a reality of 'rational thinking'. This after having driven away puritanism to South Africa and the New World (America), and refinding sense in the ages after Enlightenment.

As variant on a quote of Nietzsche: It is my ambition to make sense of human reality in one website (a couple of hundred webpages) where others in thousands of books produce models of a 'rational reality' as seen through a 'rational' fog.
Not happy with the tasteless 'cultural word porridge' of contradictory 'rational' explications in philosophy (world of 'mind'). I tried to make sense myself of history in the Western World, following these words from John Lennon: Imagine there is no heaven [...], No hell below us, above us only sky.
I don't try to make an 'intelligent' analysis, but follow my curiosity. I explore a seemingly nonsensical conceptual path (seen within the current 'rational' framework), based on mainly emotion instead of only on 'ratio'. I accept that practically all western scientists proceed with trying to restabilize 'the economy'. And this way try to save this western 'rational' framework, science is a cultural defense mechanism.
culture shock

Science is cultural, so expecting a major shift to come from science is like asking deep sea fish how to escape the ocean. Very rarely a shock is needed to open a way out to an alternative world view.

What I did is exploring how we western people arrived in our Western 'deep sea'.
In until now 12 years, I jumped back to the 'rationalism' of 17th century Enlightenment, then a jump forward to 20th century 'rationality' behind world wars, then a jump back again to start of Catholicism and a final jump back to Aristotle as source of The Catholic God Universe.
In search for the source of the hallucinations around 'good' in the Western Paradigm .


Tomorrow: World without Dualism

end of, end of cultural firewalls From Speech of 1854 by Red Indian Chief Seattle: Human kind has not woven the web of life, we are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

manimals of the 21st century Tomorrow: Choir of Friends
Man-imals (especially western humans) of the 21st century, will escape from their view of reality as virtual ('state of mind'), escape from accompanying language worlds that cause conflict thinking , flimsy layers of existing that are easily manipulated.
Not leaving their cultural prison because of sudden cooperation insights, but by just ignoring conflict politics and by aiming at living together in a common sense way and using the HUGE power of worldwide communication that has become available since worldwide use of internet.
To enjoy life in a shared reality of a colourful 'choir of friends'. Much more fun than continuous violent conflicts around western cultural values like: liberty, freedom of speech, individualism, democracy, civilized, human rights.

By revaluing eMotion, by tuning the conflict causing firewalls between cultures, and by really sharing resources, including individual talents. Cultural Firewalls protect cultural illusions. 'Addiction' to illusions in civilizations causes intense and violent passions, hyperanger out of fear for the unknown.

handling crisis with intelligent decisionmaking Western humans born in the 20th century don't realize that persistent illusions (like mind-body split: an 'intelligent mind' and a dum body) are result of behaving 'under spell' of the already for ages dominant western culture, and that everybody at any time behaves 'under cultural spell'.
Logic as skill that made other skills more efective made western culture extremely succesful. But worshipping use of logic as more than physical divided western civilization in two camps, a small camp of 'thinkers' (more and more only talented in logical juggling with words) and a HUGE camp of workers.
At present this split is ending in crisis. Incapable leaders, bureaucracy of corrupting level, trading-means (money) in the hands of a few people,...
Do we realize that cultural conflict around cultural illusions can become life threatening (by neglect of bigger threats)?

dreams and intelligence Characteristic for western 'intelligent' action is believing that 'intelligence' is more than dreaming and that behind 'intelligence' is a knowledge machinery and 'rationality' shared by all humans. Ascribing the success of western civilization to 'intelligence', and that way conveniently ignoring that western culture got extremely wealthy through forceful colonization (of sometimes whole continents), genocide, exploitation and slavery. And denying that 'intelligence' ('rationality') is a cultural illusion, part of Western habit and cultural preference.
Resulting in 'intelligent' passivity towards present physical problems in the increasingly interconnected global society (too much growth and overconsumption, wealth-concentration/poverty, terrorism, ...). Continuing on the same 'intelligent' path into the future.
Belief in reality being divided in 'intelligence' and material is a way of expressing the 'mind-body dualism' that is deeply rooted in the dominant in origin 'catholic' culture.

Something is 'wrong'
world's wealth distribution Apart from everything, it is shocking and alarming that almost half of the world's wealth is now owned by just one percent of its population. The 85(!) richest people in the world have as much wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest people, which means that we can easily double wealth of 3.5 billion poor people. The collateral 'damage' would be near to nothing.

Seeds for a cultural shock away from conflict behavior can be expected to exist in non-christian (including muslim) civilizations.

western dualism Cultural Prison 'Intelligence': the Walking Minds

The Western Paradigm is the Cultural Prison of the Walking Minds, the 'mind world' that considers 'intelligence' as a part of reality that is responsible for the structure of sensible reality. European and North American paradigms underestimate the role of culture in 'truth', they define development in narrow 'intelligence' terms.
Western Culture via Catholicism adopted the Greco-Roman division of realiy consists in two parts: the metaphysical and the physical. Intelligence (soul) is a key metaphysical concept in western culture since the Council of Chalcedon (451AC), that defined Jesus as a godly amount of 'intelligence' (soul) in human body, and inherently every human as consisting of two natures (soul and body).

soul body dualism
Cultural Belief
Throughout history western people have believed that 'mind' (spirit, soul) is not physical at all. But even at present, in times of neuroscience, notions like 'mind' and 'consciousness' are presumed to be existing processes, without being clear that dualism is a BELIEF'.
Western people BELIEVE to be able to control their behavior with 'intelligence' (ratio). Even in times that they found out that decisions are taken by emotion.
Logics (like ratio) only steer behavior by DEFINING good and bad.

western people, walking minds Western people act as 'walking minds', and consider 'intelligence' as their essence, with 'mind' as superior reasoning center.
Since Enlightenment/ReneDescartes especially scientific 'minds' try to 'understand' reality by way of studying tiny 'rational' natural-law-pieces that are seen as pieces of the eternal puzzle of reality. This belief in an absolute reality explains another BELIEF: objectivity.
Sure there is structure in reality (infinitely complex), but there is no ' intelligence' behind evolution. Evolution is selection of EFFECTIVE life, and balancing of these different effective variants. 'Intelligence' is a in origin Greek myth (the realm of the gods).
At present the westen made fantasy 'intelligence' is dominating life on earth, and through cultural realities is drowning the world with conflicts

Tomorrow: All Together
Our global civilization acts like a killing field of dissonant voices.
Until now, dominant societies (civilizations) vanished, and they were replaced by a neighbouring society. cultural firewalls But can the present conflict reality of firewalled cultural worlds avoid crash? Can this world full of dissonant cultures avoid becoming a scary agressive conflict/compromise blob, stop presuming that 'intelligence' exists and then quit quarreling about 'good' and 'evil'. To become a cultural choir?
The answer must be yes. This global knot of civilizations (partly overlapping worlds in increasingly unstable balance) will get rid of the conflict attitude causing the cultural firewalls, in a change towards a colourful 'all together' .

end of, end of cultural firewalls

In a nutshell

The 2 Grand Paradigms of western history, the Classical Paradigm and the Enlightenment Paradigm, are 2 variants of 1 paradigm, the 'Intelligence' Paradigm.
That means that until present the dualism metareality/reality exists. The presumption still is: 'intelligence' exists as thing in itself.

0450-1650Classical Paradigm: 'Intelligence' is called 'god'. Human purpose seen as the worship of God and religion as Path to Truth. Rule by emperors, kings, ...
1650-2000Enlightenment Paradigm: Worship of 'God' is replaced by worship of 'ratio'. Rule by the wealthy.
A Modern Paradigm only simmers in 'Science' and accepts that Humans are random evolutionary accidents, but belief in 'intelligence' is still dominant through belief in things like 'mind', 'consciousness'. Rule by 'the wealthy' only slightly changed: rule by 'the superwealthy'. Western Science as phenomenon in Western culture to break with the 'Intelligence' Paradigm needs cooperation with a neighbouring paradigm to initiate a major paradigm shift. Until then: increasing chaos.

330BC Aristotle invents 'soul' (as 'anima')
as 'intelligence' behind (Greek) skill and competence.
330BC–323BC Alexander the Great spreads the belief in 'soul'

450AC Catholicism revives Aristotle's view of human life: holy 'soul' and 'evil' body

400AC–1100AC Early Middle Ages: Belief in 'soul' (Catholicism) conquers Europe
1100 AC– 1453AC Middle Ages: Isolation of Europe as world of 'soul'
1663-present: start of the autism 'addiction to profit': Capitalism
1640 doctrine around mind-body split: rationalism
1650-1800 Enlightenment: 'soul' is renamed to 'mind'
'rational mind' and 'irrational' body

1700-1800 Pilgrims colonize America (found the New World)
1700-1900 Product of Rationalism: Industrialism

1814-1917 and 1940-1945 WWI and WWII: 'rational minds' use bodies as gunfood
2000: Rationality: Rational War on Irrational Terror
present: Rationality: 'intelligence' ruins earth, the life source of human bodies

Culture is a Mass Hallucination paradigm shift: sudden cultural window
It took a sudden opening cultural window (SHOCK after brain attack) to realize that 'intelligence' was my main cultural prison. Since then, using intuition, I managed to escape longer and longer, .
Walking Minds

western people, walking minds
mouse over

The Real Me

Most western people see their body not as 'the real me' but more as trainable/adjustable pet that is obedient to the 'mind' (now do the mouseover of the image left).

Western people especially in leading circles consider life as 'rational' and themselves as great 'minds' in such a life that is about 'thinking', about 'understanding', about 'intelligence'.
Non western people who act more intuitive say: 'They take the fun out of everything'.
At the cost of huge amounts of human lives western leaders keep acting 'rational', because they realize to have leadership because westen people think that life is 'rational'.
We see our body more and more only as transportation vehicle of our 'mind' and as energy source for this 'mind'. Result of our Greco-Roman background.

Culture is a Mass Hallucination
Culture is a Mass Hallucination When people are trapped in a cultural hallucination then their cultural behavior has become a prison of rituals. This has similarity with the ancient Chinese vision that the energy of a specific country could either make or break this kingdom. Ritualbehavior/culturalenergy is passed from generation to generation, gets DEEPLY embedded and acts like magic that makes people BELIEVE to see things 'as they really are' (cultural paradigm).

myth of rational thinking In Western Culture very dominant hallucinative behavior is 'the myth of rational thinking' (intelligence; understanding; rationality; ..).

western scientific paradigm It is good to realize that":

1) 'intelligence' is logical use of memory, curiosity, persistence. The rest is myth!
2) The chinese symbol for 'intelligence' points at effective use of memory of BEHAVIOR (wisdom).

When power and wealth in a culture get more and more in the hands of those who have power and wealth themselves (power = money and money = power, as in capitalism), and are defended with cultural 'arguments'.
THEN change needs huge shock(s).
(1 very simple but explanatory example: costly lawsuits of many years of relatives to get hold of the money of some millionaire grandfather, are really to mad to talk about. Property and Power, when treated as hereditary values, are extremely corrupting.)

The Myth of Rational Thinking
cultural window, magical filter Magical cultural concepts function like hard drugs (censor sense reality and cause experience without external source = hallucinations = sensory overrides).
A Western 'rational' magical concept like 'intelligence' acts as hard drug. Logics judge very 'black and white', that's why 'rationality' magically filters out in Western reality the experience of Eastern/African/... knowledge/skill.

cultural prison Western people believe to 'understand' reality, and don't realize anymore that their belief in 'mind' and 'intelligence' (and their 'proof' of reality) is a western cultural prison. And that without emotion we can't do anything. Intuition is the tool that during evolution developed to make emotions effective. Intuition can be assisted by the tool 'ratio', but without intuition 'ratio' has nothing to improve.
Most intuition is 'programmed' in our dna, some of it not effective anymore. Deprogramming in dna might take millions of years too.

cultural godfathers: 'mind' dealers
'Intelligence/understanding is not more than trained behavior, and most
of it is not a dna property that is given to you at birth. This TRAINED 'understanding' already for many ages is the Western cultural way of handling reality. Starting with Aristotle, reinforced by Aquinas, Descartes and Kant. More and more it changed in a religion around a belief around the existence of 'mind' with 'intelligence' as a 'mind'-activity. This belief is
since ages exploited by scrude people who claim to be 'intelligent'.

That is a VERY positive message too, it means that ALL 'intelligent' behavior can be trained (only not everybody succeeds in becoming a top sporter). Culture, family, education, ..., are training too and can give some a HUGE lead, but not more than a lead.

east west divide The basic behavior 'slavery' developed in Western Culture from treating all 'barbarians' as animals (Aristotle: barbarians are made for slavery), via 'feodalism', ...., 'black slavery', 'workers', into 'capitalism'. No essential change in the basic behavior 'exploitation'.
VERY tough mass hallucinations result when a major cultural forcefield survives many ages, with the same magical cultural basic behavior.
Example: Western society.

Paradigm Shift
rational society gets steerless The next major paradigm shift in Western Culture will be the realization that decision-making isn’t logical, it’s emotional, and that a 'rational' society in the end gets steerless (respectless).
This insight implies that western society needs a complete reordering. Order according to wealth/power led to socies led by egoism and greed.
The next major paradigm shift in Eastern Culture will be the realization that Western Culture is part of the Family.
This insight implies that Eastern Society needs leadership to return to servant leadership.
If you don't want our next human life planet to have name 'Google World', and to be bought by real estate firms and multinationals, then ...
Both Far East and West struggle with inequality issues and both will agree that that two adjacent realities better seek balance than to keep bouncing (conflict).
When there are partly parallel truths then it doesn't help complaining that 'the others' are not telling the 'truth'.
Anyway, life should not be about Greed and Law and Order, but about people’s physical needs.
Killing Emotion

Making emotion more consistent like done in the Westen World resulted in great deeds, but in the end resulted in 'killing' emotion and a steerless society.
Catholicism and variants (the West) in religious way worshipped the effective use of logic as 'intelligence' (given by god; mind-body split).
Instead of pragmatically treating the applying of logic as skill.
The Catholic way of treating reality as twofold (god and world; soul and body; intelligence and matter; ..) became a part of western collective memory. A serious barrier for communication with non western cultures.

Western Society showed (with a world wide network of schools and universities as churches of 'rationality') that logic is a magnificent TOOL to make the decision-unit 'emotion' more effective.

ancient civilizations 'Rationality' made the Western World into the dominant world on earth.
But human civilization started in and around Asia.

Side effect of 'rationality' was that in the Western World egoism grew like wildfire (lack of emotion).
In the 21st century this resulted in Western World crisis, while Asia is doing better and better.

In The East the experience about our body as balance seeker and archive of skill/emotion is still available.
But in the 21st century The East must use the effective sides of 'rationality' without it becoming over dominant as in the West.
West needs Rest and Rest needs West.

Loss of control of the HUGE fysiological talents of our body was through the ages gradually the result of the emphasis on 'intelligence'.
The balance in the 'human herd' was obstructed, finally resulting in things like 'capitalism' where 'intelligent' egoists exploit fellow people. In the 21st century especially 'intelligent' western humans might get 100 years of age, without in those 100 years communicating anything useful to following generations.

The treatment of the hallucination 'intelligence' as 'thing in itself' sorted the talents of humans in western society in peculiar way, with on top more and more not 'servant leaders' but 'intelligent' individualists/egoists/psychopaths. Reaching high age, while those that are exploited and perform physical labor often die much earlier.

human mammals human mammals When we refuse to see our talents as (complex) mammals and at the same time deny that there are more human cultural realities, then we can't effectively communicate between different cultural realities
Then like junks addicted to the hard drug 'intelligence', we are unwilling to awake from our deep cultural dream.

Worldwide people are on a search for something/someone to identify themselves with.
Most countries and a majority of multinationals go on with ego-ism. The exploited and polluted earth seems in deadly way strangled by the players of the powergame 'economy'.
Not a world you want to leave to your children

The human species is in danger. By a crisis 'made in the western world', but that needs worldwide cooperation of human herds to survive it.
Don't expect computer technology to do the job, even while using virtual realities we're still human animals.
A radical break with the past in both East and West is needed to survive the present worldwide crisis.

Life is a group-ACTIVITY
servant leadership
BEHAVE like a 'family' ('To be' a 'relative' or 'to have' a 'relative' doesn't mean much) Food and shelter for your 'family' (To be 'rich' or to be 'good' doesn't mean much To be 'I' means nothing, but to behave points at activity. To have 'rights' means nothing, but to protect your family is an activity. To be 'free' means nothing, but to live together is an activity. To have 'freedom' or 'liberty' means nothing, but to exploit others is very real. To 'own' oil means nothing, but to use oil for survival is a group activity. To bring 'freedom', 'democracy', 'equality', 'human rights' means nothing. To survive as individual mammal means nothing, life is about survival as species. To behave like family is to cooperate as one group.
Human life on earth is pure physical behavior, much like a virus
The ability that made the human-life-virus on earth survive
is the endless generation of mutants.
Whatever major crisis there was allways resistant behavior that made human-life survive.
Don't kill variance!
Present a dead alley? Future is made NOW
not by 'thinking', but by 'soldiers of change' who decide by doing.

The belief that immaterial 'intelligence' is needed for survival of any shape of earth life is THE cultural illusion of Western civilization.

human mutation Life on earth is a virus with many strands, one strand is human life.
Human life is divided in 2 related major cultures, east and west.
The biology of humans in todays cities is not very different from that of humans on the ancient savannah.
The western strand was dominant the last 24 ages, but the static concept Intelligence (resulting in 'individuality' and concepts like 'democracy') slowly pushed geniality that was not accepted as 'intelligent' out of sight.

The illusion 'intelligence' was an 'idea' of an ancient Greek thinker. Since Aristotle in the western strand of evolution linear time schemes of history with 'great minds' are common, ignoring among others that mutants are nothing special AND that major paradigms shifts are discontinuities.

EVERY human is a mutant, but only a few have the at that moment necessary resistant behavior (pure chance).
The Western linear interpretation of 'time' in some way gives useful insights, but also makes most of the past into myth around 'great individuals'.
Be sure that our present complex society is result of cooperation of common humans, not the sum of 'great' inventions. The survival effectivity of a strand of the life-virus comes from the generation of autist entities.

Soldiers of Change
The effective trait of common humans is that they easily assimilate with surrounding culture and environment.
The geniality of autist individuals is that they do NOT easily assimilate, and experience cultural reality as a prison (with huge differences between low and high functioning end of the autism spectrum). Their survival instincts force them to take their own alternative perceptual path .

Don't get stuck in the paradigm-life former generations. Neglect of 'soldiers of change' (young people) only postpones change, until the human virus dies in the end paradigm shifts always happen. Humans have a built in drive to cooperate as 'family'.

Middle East becomes Hellenic Barrier between West and East,
through the conquests Alexander the Great


alexander the great Sikandar
With the exception of Jesus Christ, no historical celebrity in the West is more well known than Alexander the Great.

Aristotle Aristotelianism
Aristotle, more than any other figure in Western history, is the embodiment of the split of reality in immaterial 'soul' and material body. Via catholic godfather Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle's dual views shaped western 'thought'.

In ancient river civilizations (see page: mankind) humans did FEEL a deep respect for nature.

Ages after Hellenic culture, Aristotelianism was revived by Catholicism, and since then Western people started to BELIEVE in 'intelligence' independent of behavior and higher than sensations (feeling).
And they started to see 'intelligent' humans as superior to nature (dualism), and gave the 'intelligent' western man and his 'god' a role of epic proportions.

Alexander the Great (356BC-323BC linear time), infected the Middle East with a cultural virus into a Hellenic cultural reality that was deviant from Asian cultural realities like Taoism and Buddhism (with of a 'virus' of Aristotelian design). In essence in the Hellenic view the body is the enemy of the soul, it serves as a prison for the soul.

After 8 ages Europe was infected by Aristotelian Catholicism.
macedonian empire base of later Islam, click to enlarge
world 320BC, click to enlarge

And after 10 ages the Middle East was once more infected, this time with cultural virus Islam (muslim Catholicism). Aristotelian societies (like european countries and muslim countries) always require slavery in some form.

A major paradigm shift.

The present Western Societý with modern variant of slavery can be said to be of Aristotelian design. A design that was strengthened in Enlightenment by Descartes with his concept mind-body split.
A thin toplayer of managers only practices 'thinking' and leaves all labour to slaves called 'workers.

Intelligent Design

wordpower reality
Admired jugglers with Catholic concepts In Europe (Aquinas, Descartes, Kant) through the ages tried to make sense of cultural reality, by looking for an eternal/universal design behind skill (absolute quality).
These language acrobats explained effective behavior with an 'intelligent' design, Behavior like speech is seen as result of 'intelligent design', not as amazingly complex outcome of human history (evolution/selection, expressed in DNA). Being born without ability to speak is seen as error crept in (eternal) design.

Catholic leaders just like Islamic leaders proved to be Masters of Plunder and conquered South America only for the riches. Catholic variant Protestantism brought plunder to a new level. Efficiently robbing the south of Africa and enslaving/killing the original inhabitants. And soon after robbing the whole continent of North America and removing the original inhabitants (super-genocide).

In hidden way immateriality became part of western cultural truth, as 'design of nature' or 'intelligence'. Thinking (using 'intelligence') became part of western life. To western people 'thinking' is real, and is more than puzzling with cultural memory'. In Chinese language the concept 'idea' is translated as: result of puzzling made into law/rules. Western scientists made increasingly complex models in a race towards a final design.

Through the ages, in the Western language empire, the dominance of fantasy 'intelligence ('ratio') increased, and material intuition was valued less and less.

Many ages the search for the 'intelligence' of the PRESUMED 'intelligent design' of reality was effective, because the trial and error of research behavior resulted in useful tools. But since WWII the 'rational optimisation' way in the US-empire started to penetrate social affairs where it proves to be utterly destructive.

Already Albert Einstein said: The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

The Romans took over from Hellenism the 'plunder economy'

western paradigm, Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant The Romans conquered the coastal remains of the Hellenic Empires. The Romans admired Alexander as as great plunderer, and Aristotle as defender of slavery. As inspirators behind the original Empire of Alexander the Great.
The Roman Empire was a world of the rich (wealthy Romans profited hugely from the war economy), a plunder economy, based on exploitation. The Roman Empire relied on looting conquered territories and on tax collection.

In 84 BC Sulla brought the works of Aristotle from the library of Apellicon to Rome. Andronicus of Rhodes published a new edition.
The interpretation of Aristotle's writings by Andronicus seems to be the one which is basis of our present editions.

In 451 AC at the Council of Chalcedon Roman Christianity oficially revived the static Aristotelian view of reality as interpreted by them: eternal design as goal of changing physical reality.
The Roman culture couldn't exist without slavery, and what the Romans attracted in the Aristotelian dual way of looking at reality must have been that Aristotle considered slavery as natural (part of the design).
In Aristotelian reality God was only seen as Designer, Catholicism added an active God. Catholic truth is that reality consists of 2 essentially different parts: Creator (active 'housekeeper' with eternal intelligence) and creation (time dependent material).

Historians claim that (Roman) Christianity inherited the good-evil dualism from it main source Zoroastrianism. But the conflict between good and evil in Roman Christianity is Aristotelian (aimed at tolerating slavery), and totally different from the practical division of life in good (trustworthy) and evil (risky) in the Persian source of Christianity.

start of Islamic empire, click to enlarge
world 700AD, click to enlarge
Mohammed the founder of Islam was of Catholic birth and his views were much like catholicism, but Mohammad pertinently denied the essence of catholicism, God as divine designer. Mohammed taught that Jesus is a great prophet, but still only a man like other men. Mohammed eliminated the whole Catholic Trinity 'circus' altogether. After death of Mohammed Mohammedanism in 650A annihilated Zoroastrianism, and now the slavery (of non-catholics) tolerating Catholicism could pretend to be THE (European) Christianity.

The extremely expansive Islam after death of Mohammed seemed to be driven mainly by greed. The many jihads of Islam were dominantly raids, and conversion to Islam was a means to get more jihad soldiers. Forced conversion, plunder and slavery, not conquest, was the aim of the jihads and Islamic leaders proved to be Masters of Plunder.
The ancient Hellenic Reality, together with Arabia, became base for Islam.
Islam expanded, and took over India. Islam bloodily annihilated Indian Buddhism and reasonably tolerated Hinduism, it used Hindu India as base to penetrate further into SouthEast Asia.

Recent History of Mankind

If something is omitted from history, you have no way of knowing it is omitted. Howard Zinn (historian)
earliest civilizations

The most ancient human animal civilizations were in river deltas: Egypt/Nile, Mesopotamia/Tigris-Euphrat, Pakistan and Nothern India/Ganges. Around 2000 BC we find the start of Chinese Culture in the Yellow River delta, and of Old Greek culture in the Mediterranean Sea.

The first tribe that was sufficiently organized to unite most of ancient China was the Zhou Dynasty (1100BC-200BC).
The first really large empire was made by the Persians (start 550BC). The Persians were the first people to unite Nile Valley, Mesopotamia and Indus Valley under a single government. And the Persians opened regular contact between Africa, Asia and Europe.
Before Alexander the Great/the Cursed (356-323 B.C.) the Persian Empire was HUGE, and Greece/Macedon a dot on the world map.
The Western World still practiced massive slavery until start 20th century and never got acquainted with a holistic culture like Buddhism. Slavery was forbidden in ancient Persia.

present world by religion Empires that come and go (from success to downfall)
Very ancient: Egypt, Hittites, Babylon
Persian Empire 550BC-330BC (Zoroastrianism)
Hellenic Empire 323BC-31BC
'immateriality' invented by Aristotle

Persian Parthian Empire 250BC-AD224 - Roman Empire
Presian Sassanid Empire 224AC-450AC - Roman Empire
Persian Sassanid Empire 450AC-651AC- Catholic Empire
Muslim Empire 651AC-.... - Catholic Empire
Muslim Empire - British Evangelical Empire 1500-1940AC - Catholic Empire
Muslim Empire - Nazi Evangelical Empire 1940AC-1945AC - Catholic Empire
Muslim Empire - American Evangelical Empire 1945AC-...- Catholic Empire
Behind Latin, Arabic and English is a dual world view (soul body, mind body split, metaphysics/physics, ..).
In numbers the Chinese language world is still nr 1 (the chinese symbols that are translated as 'spiritual' point at the world of emotion).
Henk Tuten: my site is about the process of change.

my language your prison
In the American Empire (cultural reality full of 'reason' worshippers) the rapidly growing distance between the world of behavior and the world of 'intelligence' (with words like understanding) is getting counterproductive. Worrying when you realize that the American Empire became a 'world of lawyers' and is ordered by the value 'intelligence'. That results in America and colonies where 'intelligent' leaders (great minds or great word jugglers) don't show much effective behavior. Characteristic for a dying civilization. When great cultures fade away, times are turbulent.
After Enlightenment in Northern Europe and especially America god-worship was gradually mixed with dictatorship of language (rational perception; Immanuel Kant), though replacing 'god' with 'ratio' was no essential change. America for a long time had enough problems itself, but Europe started dominating the world with 'reason' (British Empire 1600-2000).

Outside the Western World this must have looked felt like being seperated from the Fortress Europe as 'unintelligent' (by physical barriers resulting from 'rational' logic). This Fortress Europe was barricaded more and more, to become an extremely wealthy almost unreachable island. Centre of savage exploitation ('intelligently' robbing material and slaves to do material work) of a large part of the surrounding world.

On this island Europe 'intelligence' is worshipped and is seen as 'wisdom', ignoring that in ancient common sense 'wisdom' was supposed to be related to wise BEHAVIOR and used to be a characteristic of wizards and meant PRACTICING forgotten effective skills.
Starting at Enlightenment Northern Europe was dominant overseas for many ages, in a hidden savage way. The 'man in the street' saw Europe as a friendly dinosaur, while European armies became murderous instruments of death. This changed since World War II and the rapidly rising world domination of the US. Openly based on visible superior military force. Especially protestant Northern Europe refound it puritan roots, by way of copying American behavior (i.e.: power politics, big is beautiful, efficiency, rationalization).
Behavior that had proved to be highly effective in robbing a whole continent (New World) and in extinguishing native Red Indian culture.

A first try out ECSC (1952) was developed into EEC (1958), a hardcore americanized Europe. 'Economically' extremely successfull. Americanized behavior proved to very effective in wiping out behavior that had been useful in 'environment Europe' for ages. Partly like wildfire cleaning up, but unlike wildfire completely destroying existent structure. In 1993 the downfall started when EEC was made into EU.
The merciless 'economical' attitude, useful in building a New World from scratch, backfires and now temporarily sends two dominant continents back into nothingness.

Don't blame the US. Individualism and the related savage exploitation were from the very start existent in Catholicism, the egoistic aspect was strengthened in Protestantism and perfected in Puritanism. The 'rational' exploitation behavior of the Americans (capitalism) only awoke sentiments that were slumbering in Protestant Europe.
And were admired in Catholic Europe.

... Stephen Hawkins (2010): If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans. We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet.
Separation of powers
Evolution is about survival. Lack of Effectivity is sure way towards death

The separation of powers is a model for the government of a state that was developed in Ancient Greece and borrowed by the Romans.
Essential (but never mentioned) is the presumption of existence of universal 'intelligence' (immaterial), this whole model is about 'intelligence'. The state is modelled into 3 independent branches, highest intelligence: law and law making, very intelligent: interpretation of law, intelligent: execution of law. Substitute law with logic, and then you have: logic, juggling with logic, politics.

Notice that the 2 most influential levels are not about effectivity but about logic.
Now neurology learns that we can't make decisions AT ALL without emotion, logic only helps to control emotion, to bring consistency into emotion.
IF....... we realize that 'intelligence' is only the ability to use THE logic of Western culture, and that wisdom is about effectivity.
THEN it makes no sense to have a state ruled by a bunch of owners of some logic, with a bunch of logicians only debating about the interpretation of that one logic, and politicians mainly talking about the effect of that one logic.
Unless you consider 'state' as 'closed system with followers of THE logic intelligence'.

The 20-centuries-deep self-invented estern 'idea' that 'intelligence' exists is imprisoning. But this presumed 'intelligence' gives western leaders a high status, simular to leaders of sects. Because such politicians, lawyers, managers, .. are champions in 'understanding', which is in this sect seen as a 'higher than physical' activity (=immaterial).
And this deep belief in 'immateriality' as superior to physical life prevents until now that the billions of common members of the sect Western World say 'NO to the self-chosen 'political' leaders. Leaders that act as emotionless 'chess players' (in the game 'law and order'). Western World sect members, until now, imagined, as in a kind of hallucination, 'law' to be 'intelligence' in written shape, outside the emotional physical world.

The view that there is a Law of Nature independent of nature gradually changed western society in a 2 layer sect where THEORY of the powerfull controls the BEHAVIOR of the common sect members, instead of where servant leaders lead the fight for human life. The sect members in 'Western World' start realizing that 'mind' is a wishful fantasy (a vacuum) and that 'the great political minds', apart from 'the money', never controlled anything.

immateriality of wealth In the Western World sect 'laws' in the shape of written rules became 'prisons with METAphysical walls', and caused unemotional ways of life like industrialism and capitalism ('immaterial' rule: exploit workers/consumers).
The moment is nearing that young sect members of Western World (workers/consumers) in an aha experience realize that 'understanding' is a trick, and that they can make a huge jump forward by avoiding all institutions that pretend things like 'mind', 'spirit', 'soul', 'intelligence', 'understanding', 'god', 'rationality', ..... Without throwing away the possibilities of the use of logical TOOL ('understanding').

A new world is developing around a new ATTITUDE in reality.
Servant Leadership
Evolution is about survival. Democracy is a sure way towards death

Humans differ. Not in 'intelligence', but in effectivity to cope with specific environments. The ability to memorize and the ability to use logic are fine skills but far from allways sufficient.
In essence: healthy humans differ in effectivity to survive in specific environments.

But that doesn't matter because humans operated in herds, and herds operate as one family with servant leaders. Imagine would happen if horses in some herd would indicate to the leading stallion, "sorry, you're outvoted, you have only 1 vote".

Most fouls in a herd of horses have as father the leading stallion or another very strong horse, its the practical way in evoluton to maintain strong herds. Possibly medicine finds ways to 'solve' this, but valuing the choices of servant leaders as only 1 of many opinions isn't smart.
Try to imagine what would happen if 'individual' horses in a herd are allowed to do as they want.
Democracy as logical system has effective sides, especially when compered to systems like tyranny, dictatorship.

In terms of survival in evolution democracy is a sure way towards death.

For details see the thoughts of Nietzsche and Wittgenstein about democracy and democracy