IBM STILL designs every business
Facts about the holocaust / Fascism came from US to Europe / Wallstreet and Hitler / IBM engineered the Holocaust / Corporate America was pro-fascist

IBM and holocaust: murder on industrial scale ibm and army
No mistake, American and many thousands of allied boys offered their life to save Europe. In general I have no problems at all with IBM corporation employees. The USA should COMPLETELY erase the name IBM, and IBM business ties.
I personally have no problem at all with using Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan funds for this purpose. And to erase in the same move also CIA, FBI and NSA. IBM is closely entangled with these 3 molochs of Christian Science. NASA for instance was born by usage of the Nazi rocket technology of Wernher von Braun. As far as I know all NASA space rockets use IBM mainframes. The scientist without ethics Von Braun would have made a splendid general director for IBM, he equally happy worked for a fascist cause as for USA purposes. Recently in the 21th age IBM News announced that several multinationals in the media and entertainment industry are using IBM hardware, software, and consulting services. History needs a fresh start

USA stated itself about Holocaust Facts (via state organization ACSA):
IBM Headquarters USA
'Without IBM's CENSUS DATABASE and the highly regimented skills of IBM NY helping them to use them and designing their installations at the Death Camps and Military Planning Centers, the Nazi's would have had a very difficult time finding Europe's Jews, or targeting Nations for BLITZKRIEG. And without IBM's Equipment orchestrated from it's very top by Chairman and CEO Thomas J. Watson, the German Nazi-branch would never have been able to manage and organize the movement of
6.500.000 Jews and another 6 million Russians, Gypsies, Gays, Handicapped and the elderly and infirm across the Polish, Romanian, Czech, Russian, French, Dutch, German, Italian and other country sides that carried them directly to their Extermination, Asset Seizure and in case of able bodied men and women, placement into slavery and being worked to near death, starvation and Exterminated.
Remember that AT THE SAME TIME this IBM also profited royally from delivering the punch card reader and punch card puncher for the ENIAC computer that was decisive for the victory of the allied forces in WWII. But I honestly can't believe that Allied Command was ignorant. They didn't SEEM to mind that Hitler removed most non-christian elements in Europe.
It is admitting that WWII was fought by two dominantly protestant camps. Germany was full of originally Lutheran ideas , and UK and US both dominantly protestant. And though IBM automized Hitler's concentration camps, IBM also assisted the Allied Forces in making faster computers.
A visionary quote of U.S. Admiral Leahy in 1945: "The atom bomb will NEVER go off []..
IBM didn't learn anything from WWII and its own totally egoistic decisive role. In 2011 an IBM Supercomputer is called 'Watson', after the man who made the holocaust possible by selling computertechnology to Hitler, even after having visited concentration camps.
Rationality gone Wild

The British Army introduced concentration camps in the Boer War in South Africa as 'Hell Camps'. Popes are of no use, IF they play passive cheerleader, and stay away from DECISIONS about essential ethics. Needed is a 'ghostbuster' that makes the Western Christian culture understand that only a return to common sense (like in Buddhism) offers perspective.
US Navy and IBM
A reminder, the gigantic Saturn project: Two IBM 7090 systems were being used by Dr. Wernher Von Braun's development group at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. IBM developed the launch-vehicle computer and produced the IU flight units.
At present IBM is top supplier of Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin (nice pictures, have a look) . IBM provides air defense security for the UK since start 2004
US Navy is closely cooperating with IBM and hired IBM in 2004 to build Military's Fastest Computer. IBM sold hundreds of supercomputers to US states and US universities. In the UK IBM by closely cooperating with Vodafone buys itself itself into the BBC. Vodafone is a merger. Amongst other of the mothercompany of EMI the producer of the world's first television broadcast system for the BBC, and Decca Grammoph.

List of primary NAZI Death Camps automated with IBM Corporation equipment by Thomas J. Watson under special contracts with the NAZI regime
With Western Freedom of Information this not being known by Western Goverments is a bit naive.
Israelian goverments being ignorant, is virtually impossible!! Israelian governments easily order to kill, but tolerate many IBM-officies in their big cities.An interesting website about IBM Israel showing that both rightwing Sharon and leftwing Shimon Peres sang 'hosannanah' on IBM parties about IBM's peace efforts. They could as well give Adolf Hitler a medal for his BRILLIANT visionary tactical move of cooperating with IBM-New York for smart logistics in his concentration camps. Hitler was the first manager who recognized the talents of IBM. The American founder of IBM was a son of German Lutherans. How much worth has the written distancing of the North American fundamental protestant Church leaders of the antisemitism by Martin Luther and the Nazis? War criminal nr 1 dr. Wernher von Braun became a respected American scientist using IBM computers. IBM New York was pro-protestant and round WWII notoriously antisemite. IBM is market-leader in genocide software.
All information about the close cooperation between genocide ordering Hitler and software/hardware supplier IBM-New York was since July 2003 on Worldwide Internet.
· Amersfoort (deportation) · Auschwitz (~ 1.500.000 dead) · Belzec (~ 550.000 dead) · Berga am Elster (satellite of Buchenwald) · Bergen-Belsen (~ 35.000 dead) · Breendonck (3.000) · Buchenwald (~35.000 dead) · Chelmno (~150.000) · Dachau (~250.000) · Drancy (deportation) · Esterwegen · Jasenovac (~300.000) · Majdanek (~235.000 dead) · Mauthausen complex (~ 250.000 dead) · Mittelbau Dora (~20.000) · Neuengamme (~2.000 dead) · Ommen (deportation) · Plaszow [work camp] · Pustkow (work camp) · Ravensbrück (~90.000 dead)) · Sachsenhausen (~30.000 dead)) · Sobibor (~ 200.000 dead) . Terezin ghetto (30.000) · Treblinka (~ 750.000 dead) · Vught (deportation) . Westerbork (deportation)

- IBM origins can be traced back to developments at at least 1884 Herman Hollerith -
A U.S. government agency requirement late in the 19th century led directly the development of one of the company's principal lines of business. During the height of the Industrial Revolution, when the United States was receiving waves of new immigration, the U.S. Census Bureau recognized that its traditional counting methods would be inadequate for measuring the expanding population. As a result, the Bureau sponsored a contest to find a more efficient means of tabulating census data. The winner was Herman Hollerith, son of a Lutheran German immigrant and Census Bureau statistician (Henk Tuten: Lutherans in Germany later during WWII in majority supported Hitler. Already in the 19th century the rigid using of own principles by Lutherans caused 'war' with more flexible catholic Germans. Many Lutheran families fled to the USA). Holleritz's Punch Card Tabulating Machine used an electric current to sense holes in punched cards and keep a running total of data. As convinced Capitalist Hollerith formed the Tabulating Machine Company in 1896.

- 1890 Herman Hollerith designs a tabulating machine for the US Census Dept
Intermezzo-1911 May 15, The Supreme Court ordered the dissolution of Standard Oil Company, ruling it was in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. The anti-trust suit led to the dissolution of Standard Oil Co. of John D. Rockefeller. From its remains 34 new companies were formed that included Exxon, Mobil, Amoco, Chevron, Arco and Conoco. Rockefeller's quarter interest in the parent turned into a quarter interest in all the offspring
- 1911 CTR was incorporated in the state of New York on June 15, 1911
TJWatson - 1914 Thomas Watson Sr, age 40, joins CTR (extremely rich salesman, founder of IBM, in some circles seen as 'worlds greatest saleman'). The favorite slogan of Thomas Watson, "THINK" became a mantra for C-T-R's employees
Henk Tuten: In the 21st century the Watson family is found in North Haven, Maine -- On an island with clans as Bush, du Pont, Rockefeller and Cabot. The Watson family owns 300 acres of the northern tip.

- 1924 CTR becomes International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
- Holocaust Fact: In trade with the Nazis IBM used the logo 'Watson Business Machines' (Watson Büromaschinen)
- 1952 Thomas Watson Jr becomes IBM president. IBM becomes a Watson-Rockefeller business
The initials "IBM" became synonymous with computers and software. After 2 world wars IBM's annual sales had increased 100 times from $1.4 million in 1914 to $140 million by the end of World War II. Given the monopoly position small profits and further much inflation changed that in billions. Only ATT and Northern Telecom surpass IBM in the data communications field. By 1993, IBM ranked as the fourth largest corporation in the world with sales of $65 billion and assets of over $87.7 billion.
By the way, a suggestion: 150 billion dollars would make a fine US aid budget for a year.


Conclusions that might be extracted out of ACSA comdemnation
The two most powerful and wealthiest capitalist families in the world of multi billionaires Morgan and Rockefeller during WWII derived profit from collaborating with Nazi Germany in a precision, concisely organized effort. At the same time they profited from HUGE defense contracts with American Army. All during WWII IBM, Bell and Standard Oil, all Morgan Companies and Rockefeller Companies supported the power thinking of the fighting camps by continuing to provide technology, fuel and communications to the Nazi cause

Anonymous but revealing quotes:
- If the Lord had decided to work on irregular verb conjugation first, this wouldn't have happened. [..], but in that moment IBM came into being.
- Oh, My God! The Chinese Are Coming! They're buying IBM's PC business. What's next-McDonald's?
- IBM played the role of the Roman Catholic church. [..] IBM set liturgical standards for praying to god. It trained our data processing managers (local bishops) to insure that the faithful were properly serviced and adequately submissive. For a 10% annual fee (indulgence), it kept god operating.
- And, so it is that certain individuals are born to serve God's favorite IBM, while others are condemned to suffer the damnation of amateur "other" computer companies
- The IBM (International Baptist Mission) is comprised of many Baptist groups that stand uncompromisingly for the authority of the Word of God

The behavior of IBM was fully rational. But that is exactly the problem. Rational thought aimed at survival both in case of victory Hitler and of the allied forces. It hasn't yet ethical borders.
There are cases in which DECISIONS are necessary instead of COMPROMISES.
Watson/IBM would sell to anyone - throughout the war IBM sold machines to the Nazi's, the Japanese and the U. S. Government.
But don't forget that at least 12 gigant German companies admitted to have gained huge profits from slave labor during the Nazi period. These companies include DaimlerChrysler, Ford Werke A.G., Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen, Siemens, Hoechst, Dresdner Bank, Krupp, Allianz, BASF, Bayer, BMW and Degussa. See The Awful Truth
Also allied multinationals kept supplying Nazi Germany during most of WWII, WITH knowledge and approval of Roosevelt.

IBM and Microsoft are invisibly tied one way, the name IBM and the rational behavior stinks.
Through 1944, the US armed services contracted with around 18,500 firms, but 100 corporations received at least two-thirds of the contracts and 30 companies almost one-half.
A present important customer of IBM, the Lockheed company (strong links with Rockefeller family), realized 30 million profit on $2 billion of sales during the five years of WWII. More than 10 times the normal profit.
In the 21st century Israel Palestine Conflict US-goverment and IBM support behavior that announces starting fascism.

Anyway, monopolies are history. Time for creative thinking.
Rational Nightmares in Common Sense Reality:

Scary arrogance that is also totally hilarious: ... still like in the times of Nazi-researcher and ex NASA director doctor Wernher von Braun practically all IBM scientists believe they will revolutionize life on earth
(IBM from the very start until his death closely cooperated with Nazi scientist Von Braun)

(Quote ex Lutheran boy with a HUGE fantasy Wernher von Braun: Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing).
Von Braun expected Hitler to finance his dream of making a huge step for humanity by colonizing the moon. He practiced by bombarding the city of London.

Von Braun only was not sentenced to death because he was heavily protected by US-army and in total secrecy transported to his next protestant homeland America.
A next government that saw deadly use for a man with a mission ...
Remind that using poison gas by Saddam Hussein against Iran and the Kurdish People is nothing but a 'holocaust' sponsored by US, UK, France and Germany. With nerve gas knowledge coming from Germany and fighter-planes coming from France (including pilots). And Iraqi soldiers possibly trained by the British SAS. In discussions 'with Iran' about the WWII holocaust it makes sense to talk about things like death toll and cruelty. Because for Western Europe WWII was extremely cruel, but in Muslim, Asian, African and South-American perspective many 'holocausts' happened (dirty wars).
Just walk 1 day around in Vietnamese Saigon and see hundreds of severely handicapped people crawling through traffic. Agent Orange and other US tactics were of 'holocaust level'
Iranian leaders don't deny the cruelty of WWII, they deny that WWII was special. As if only annihilating Jews is of 'holocaust level'. And considering Iranian soldiers and civilians horribly dying through nerve gas as of minor importance (2nd class beings).

That is like Hinduists claiming that anomimously extinguishing paria's with help of IBM is 'rationally' defendable
Tomas Watson Jr. Intervied in IBM journal:
WELL, I think you have to start in by saying that any great enterprise has to have a modicum of luck. It was fortunate that my father was hired into C-T-R [later IBM] in 1914 with a long background in the National Cash Register Company.
[..] The Hollerith machine was what really made him take the job. Then we moved along from 1914 to 1940, ...

Henk Tuten: Yeah the big boost for IBM came in WWII, indeed based on the Hollerith Machine. It came by closely cooperating with Hitler.
Mr. Thomas Watson Jr was born in in 1914, he was around 25 when his farther in 1939 started earning MANY millions for IBM by automizing genocide logistics for Hitler. It would be VERY odd if during or after WWII Mr. Watson Jr. didn't become fully aware of the practices of his father and IBM And why his father was awarded a medal by Adolf Hitler for his contribution to Nazi war activities. All IBM company-archives were open to him.
IBM and Corporatism

Corporatism or corporativism (Italian = corporativismo) is a political system in which legal power is given to corporations to protect The Rich
(The Rich use as private 'knights': economic, industrial, and professional groups).

In 21st century corporatism multinationals take a decisive role in the decision-making process.
Multinationals are physically defended by Army and Police.
Multinationals are with words defended by lawyers and by politicians.
In the US multinationals even have an own political body, The Senate.
And The Superior Families behind the multinationals have own senators, The Super-Senators

Examples: IBM,Wallmart,K-mart,Microsoft.
sounds like a management consultant of IBM, but was the slogan of a capitalist candidate for presidency

Found on the web: You are Thomas Watson, the founder of IBM, and you face a choice. Hitler has just come to power in Germany, and you are considering whether to direct your German subsidiary, Dehomag, to bid for the job of tabulating the results of a census the Nazi government wants to conduct.
While you are making up your mind in your New York office, the local papers swell with stories of anti-Semitic outrages committed by that government. On March 18, 1933, The New York Times reports that the Nazis have ousted all Jewish professionals-lawyers, doctors, teachers-from their jobs. A front-page story under the headline "German Fugitives Tell of Atrocities at Hands of Nazis" describes Brown Shirts dragging Jews out of a Berlin restaurant and forcing them to run a gauntlet of kicks and blows such that the face of the last man through "resembled a beefsteak."
Other stories tell of Jews being forced to clean the streets with toothbrushes, of book burnings, of 10,000 refugees fleeing Germany, and of 30,000 people - Jews, political prisoners, gays, and others - imprisoned in concentration camps. On March 27, virtually outside your window on Broadway, a crowd of more than 50,000 at a Madison Square Garden mass rally demands that American firms boycott Nazi Germany.

In these circumstances, with this knowledge, will you, Thomas Watson, bid for the census contract?
Henk Tuten : Mr. Watson Sr. knew exactly what he did. And Watson worked as a secret warlord for IBM under own name. Ancient Aristotle called such conduct 'spiritual'.

Sad, but true most American young people react, uninterested and inherently arrogant. They might recognize the lesson of history: Behavior of US goverment didn't change. Companies like IBM, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing etcetera etcetera ... still earn billions through warfare. And US goverment is main sponsor with wars like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, War on Terrorism, ....

Close cooperation of Hitler and most prominent US-firm IBM is confusing.
Not really if you know that Rockefeller, Morgan and Ford all supported Hitler.
More confusing is that Hitler's industry was built with Wallstreet money.
Not really if you know that Adolf Hitler had his "Mein Kampf typed on a lent portable Remington of Emil Georg von Stauss, president of Germany's largest bank, the Deutsche Bank, and longtime business associate of the Rothschilds. Nazi, American, British and French bankers were only looking for profit, whatever the costs.
Even more confusing is the cooperation of Nazi Germany and Vatican since The Concordat (1933). The Pope wrote amongst others: In the performance of my spiritual office and in my solicitude for the welfare and the interests of the German Reich, I will endeavor to avoid all detrimental acts which might endanger it.
This concordat of Vatican with Nazi Germany (to get favors from Hitler for high members of the church) was negotiated by Cardinal Pacelli, who in 1939 became Pius XII. Not shocked at all by his immensely dubious wartime record, the Vatican is now attempting to have him declared a saint. In his ongoing canonisation process he has reached the venerable stage, which is Church certification that he was "heroic in virtue".
Is it a surprise that Pope Ratzinger welcomes a bishop in his church, who bluntly denies The Holocaust?
...It is not a surprise that US government backs the 21st century genocide by Israel .

The ASCSA Anti Trust Coalition's opinion