Survival of Family = Survival as Person

WEgo as cultural reality of Ego's

Balance or Conflict
You can consider life as a balance of teams struggling for survival, or as conflict of teams that each consist of individuals in conflict.

Henk Tuten: When I look at a forest (team of trees), I see a balance of forest members, and not trees in conflict.

cooperation instead of conflict

Anyway: Team-members that act like their individual survival is all important, threaten the survival chances of the Family.

The dualist attitude of expressing everything as a conflict between collective of individuals became known as 'politics'. Political behavior (dualism of individual and family) is a trait of individualism/egoism, like is dominant all over the Western World.

Dualism from the very start was THE base of Catholicism (Roman/Hellenic behavior and not Christian at all)
collectivism Cultures (survival entities of emotion/will) are 'fires' or 'families', in nature what counts is keeping the 'fire' alife or establishing the survival of a 'family'.
In times of stress it is social support that keeps members of a family away from collapse. Cultures need brilliant members for initiating change, but these members even more need the support of their culture. 'Free will' is a myth (puzzle piece of our western Aristotelian Paradigm).
Brilliancy is cultural outcome of variancy in a human herd, in computer series the variancy is practically zero. But brilliancy that is far from the cultural average often needs ages to be recognized. Most of such people all the time are in danger of ending up in a mental hospital, being killed by an angry mob, being seen as terrorist, etcetera. Outcasts of the family.

Amongst humans the emotions around being part of families are awfully strong.
Hatred/violence towards people who are seen as danger for family can be murderous.

Western Society in the Aristotelian Paradigm stresses individual freedom (liberty, individual wealth, individual votes, individual rights, individual property, ...).
A herd is a super-animal, the herd owns all the talents of its members. A herd is as strong as the strongest members, as fast as the fastest members, as smart as the smartest members, ... When all talents are used in cooperation/balance the herd operates like living superstrong organism. Herds/Families inspire and limit emotion/will of the members, and herd-members strengthen and limit herds/families.

respect, respect individualism and collectivism, balance needed
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Individualism and Collectivism
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Sects and Families

Individualism and Collectivism

In the Western World since Alexander the Great and Aristotle Individualism got out of control (the Aristotelian Paradigm). Brilliancy in skill combined with lack of social cohesion. Greedy individuals denied family ties, family feeling was more and more pushed away by Individual Greed. Alexander the Great annihilated the Zoroastrian Acheamenid Empire (Persia).
By destroying the stabilizing worldpower Persia the maniac Alexander the Great made the Middle East into an area of turmoil with always different leading empires. Zoroastrianism is the main source of Buddhism, but with always hostile religions in between Buddhism never reached Europe. And Europe through Catholicism (based on the worldview of Aristotle, tutor of Alexander the Great) became dualist, essentially different from the monisms found in Asia.

We have felt the capacity of the individual
to exploit the community,
including his fellow men

Individualism guarantees the environment
for 'political behavior'
and liberty of egoism (capitalism)

In the 21st century restoring family feeling (monism) is the challenge for the young worldwide. The philosopher Marcuse wrote in a preface to Eros and Civilisation: the young are in the forefront of those who live and fight for Eros against Death... Today the fight for life, the fight for Eros, is the political fight.
Cooperation is symbolized in the Circus Dragon (not the male symbol 'dragon').

Individualism versus Collectivism individualism versus collectivism individualism versus collectivism
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individualism-collectivism-herds Western Human Herds became 'rational'
In the end 'rationality' results in slapstick. Emotionless civil servant: I by accident killed your friend, but that's not the subject. Afterwards you offended a civil servant, and that's why I'm going to arrest you.
Henk Tuten; selfanswering question on internet: "if you have Rational Justice, who needs the Maffia?"

greed What we see in the US, Europe, Russia, and the Muslim world is heritage of The Roman Empire: 'rational' rituals around 'greed', 'power' and 'politics'. The Islam variant of Mohammed (Mohammedan Islam) was inspired by Roman Catholicism. Original Mekka Islam prohibits 'greed'.
In herds all members cooperate. Leaders are not chosen in democratic way, but as best variant to survive. Females in a herd are not interested in 'look' of the father of their children, but in chosing genes with survival qualities. Sex for offspring in a herd is limited to 5 or 6 stallions.

So I don't agree with the 'rational' circular thinking that "life always will be ruled by force and violence, and therefore needs 'rational laws' and'democracy'" (and democracy in sex for offspring).
A culture of people is more than sum of its members. Group members never act without weighing cultural values. Reason is just a a logical tool and 'judgment' with reason is only religiously following some logic.
It was exactly this 'dual' ritual power-thinking that caused shapes of fascism and 'dirty wars'. Without emotion dividing the world in 'we' the good and 'they' the evil, the pagans, the communists, the terrorists' is typically Roman behavior. Such rigid dualism is only found in 2 or 3 religions (Catholicism, Mohammedanism and [much less and more hidden] Hinduism).

That "there is no future for all human beings beyond the flesh", and accepting poverty, hunger and slavery, is a maffia view (sorry) of life that is typical typical Roman Christian. All beings are one family, and developed to behave as such. Ritually believing in a 'Creator' is placing the human animal apart from other beings (creationism=THE Word of God; THE word of Allah) or in 'understanding' ('rationality' or 'intelligent design'), . It is VERY difficult when growing up with Roman Christian 'egoism' disguised as 'spirituality', to think in holistic way.

individualism-collectivism-herd individualism collectivism and respect For Roman Catholics, and especially for Protestants (Lutheran Catholics) and Mohammedans ('Mohammedan Catholics';many muslims), seeing Earth Environment as the home of ONE family of families is the challenge of the 21st century.

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The Machine
'Rational' TRUE-FALSE logic

Maybe that is because individuals tends to optimize the happiness of own family in ways with maximum own happiness, and real Collectivism optimizes the happiness of the family with minimum differences in individual happiness (think of European egoism and African hospitality). Rational egoists even only optimize 'rational' goals, and neglect emotions.
So people who feel social have to limit others who are egoist, and vice versa. Otherwise 'individualism' in the extreme becomes fascism and tries to eat 'collectivism'. Collective females showed to be able to live together with individualist males, so why not in political 'marriages'?

army of zombies
army of zombies
Individualism tends to: Egoism + Being introvert (acting like supreme machine)
Collectivism tends to: Rule of the Average (acting like army of zombies)
BOTH individualism and collectivism tend to: Corruption + Bureaucracy (the Chinese empire died in rigid beauty and in the 21st century Western World filling in forms is a major part of every project)

Corruption must be a trace of egoism, bureaucracy is a system that got stuck in rules and lost creativity.
The 21st century software multinational "Microsoft" is a fine example. What started as a flash of creativity ended in bureaucracy and egoism

A 'Family' as combi of Individualism and Collectivism can get rid Egoism, Rule of the Average, Corruption and Bureaucracy.

There is only a talent difference between say a white judge and a black toilet cleaner. Of course the judge might have white friends in 'high places'. And the toilet cleaner might have a powerful trade-union. Friends are there to highlight your positive talent, NOT to cover your weaknesses.
In case of doubt, realize that toilet cleaners are useful, as well as judges who can take wise decisions.
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Alexander Winston Hitler, superiority In world history already three times the overdone individualism of Greek spirit-body SPLIT thinking showed it's EXTREME danger (supremacy).

1. The Hellenist Empire: Iskander the Cursed (Alexander the Great) annihilated in his eyes 'evil' common sense Zoroastrian Culture (Persian Empire).
2. British Empire and Stalin Russia after WWI ripped completely ridiculous pieces from the Ottoman Empire and the impartial Persian Empire (Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan).
3. Third Reich or Greater German Empire: In WWII recently Hitler tried to establish his own Western world.

'Superiority of Spirit' is THE pilar of the Roman egoist variant of ZOROASTRIAN Christanity.
African cultures, North and South American Indian cultures, Eskimo culture, Asian Cultures, Polynesian culture and Aboriginal culture are based on unity of body and world (chi, qi, rei ki, etc.). Only buddhist culture in Asia survived the attempt of Roman Christianity to colonize earth

In the Western World rationalism caused egoism (corruption). 'Rationalism was 'exported' by Dutch Calvinists to South Africa (Apartheid). That's why we find individualism in the imported white population, and collectivism in the original black population. And 'rationalism' was brought to America by 'the early colonists' (in majority protestant) as the logic behind Liberty and Equality. Again extreme individualism in the white population, and collectivism in the decimated original red indian population and the for slavery imported black population.
Much later rationality entered Japan (as 'Forschung' or 'Untersuchung') via Japanese students studying in Germany, and was a HUGE factor in WWII in the Pacific).
In Buddhist Asia HEAVILY overdone egoism led to herds of 'zombies' following mediocre leaders (exeption amongst others Tibet).

The Chinese Early Religion was a variant of Zoroastrianism (just like Judean Christianity). But this type of 'christianity' was ESSENTIALLY different from Catholicism. Present Christianity in China and Korea is Protestantism as imported by the British and in the 20st century by the US.
Anyway Buddhism without egoism is a fine social ethics, and rational logic in collective hands is a superb technological tool.
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Sects and Families

a) Extreme individualism leads to sectarian groups. Important contact with the outer world is done by the sectarian guru (often 'presidents').
b) Overdone family feeling leads to cultures that lack leaders. Because of lack of leadership egoism has free play.
c) Families with abstract organization are like shadows.

In 1 thing Individualism (inherently) makes sense: every human is totally UNIQUE in behavior.
In 1 thing Collectivism (inherently) makes sense: all humans for 99% are similar in behavior.
Families that internally tolerate moderate subfamilies (sects) are a fine balance (not a compromise). Individual cultures might locally organize surroundings like a subfamily (branch). In the end the overall goal (family tree) is totally decisive (but the goals on long term are free for open debate).
The former British metropole Hong Kong faces a fine challenge. To design a local balanced democracy of 'rule of the wise' (= more relative wisdom, more vote, Buddhism) and rule of the average (1 man - 1 vote = western democracy).
And to find useful jobs for those intelligent people who have abstract 'capitalist' jobs (earn a living by 'thinking). These people now have virtual jobs because of the capitalist myth 'inflation'. In common sense reality 'win' of one entity means equal 'loss' of other entity. If all stocks 'go up' than that is allways paid by 'inflation', or letting environment bleed. Hopeful consequence is that 'on the long run' winning cultures are allways the flexible 'living' ones, and produce the goods needed by happiness. Better set 'inflation' = 0%.
The Age of Defense, with Cold Wars and LOCALLY millions of soldiers, many thousands of armoured vehicles, thousands of combat aircrafts, hundreds of submarines, major surface vessels and nuclear bombs, is OVER..

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Ayn Rand, terrorist for individualism

People from 'individualistic' cultures (like USA 1st rank), fighting for individual success, tend to think only of themselves as individuals.
People in 'collective' societies like China (outside individualist Han-China) feel individualistic behavior as emotionless and not supportive. Collectivistic cultures think more in terms of "we". Harmony and loyalty is very important.

Chinese in general perform best when operating as a team. Chinese perform worst when operating individually, and with their name marked on their work.
Americans perform best as group of individuals and with their work attributed to them personally. Americans perform lousy when operating anonymously in a team.
Henk Tuten: Lesson: Collectivism might lack leaders, Individualism raises egoistic leaders

ayn rand If you want to find all prejudices about collectivism together in the work of 1 writer, then read Ayn Rand.
Some quotes of Ayn Rand (most caused by the bruteness of the egoistic individual Stalin) and comments:

(1) Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to class or state or ... Comment of Henk Tuten: Non-sense, people who feel life is about 'all together' see individuals (talented or not) as part of a herd
(2) Collectivism requires self-sacrifice. Henk Tuten: Indeed collectivism highly values the brave sheep that save the herd.
(3) Collectivism sees the power of the collective as unlimited. Henk Tuten: non-sense
(4) Collectivism holds that the individual has no rights.[..]. A doctrine of that kind uses brute force. Henk Tuten: non-sense
(5) Collectivism is the ancient principle of savagery. [...] It is the order of a very dark yesterday. Henk Tuten: non-sense, pure individualism is the order of a very dark today.
(6) Totalitarianism is collectivism. Henk Tuten: why not say that Hitler was a communist?
(7) Racism is the lowest, most primitive form of collectivism.
(8) Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; Henk Tuten: well that is close to totalitarianism.
(9)America's abundance was created by the productive genius of free men who pursued [..] their own private fortunes. Henk Tuten: Who produced the poverty in the subburbs of the US cities? See US-empire or War on Terrorism
(10) The moral base of collectivism is self-sacrifice, as of all dictatorships Henk Tuten: So the US president out of self-sacrifice plays war for oil in Iraq?


Mao Tse Tung, mistaking 'collective' for 'the masses'

mao, the great helmsman If there was one person who made Western people afraid of collectivism, then it was Mao Zedong. Mao made collectivism into totalitairianism of the masses. A herd following the wishes of the sheep.
Probably Chairman Mao ('The Great Helmsman') had many fine leaders of future China killed or 'reeducated'.

Some quotes of Mao Tse Tung and comments.

(1) Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.
Henk Tuten: Collectivism is about 'all together', not about crushing critics.

(2) Learn from the masses, and then teach them.
Henk Tuten: The masses are sheep in some herd, you don't learn much by the way of talking with sheep. Better observe their shepherds.

(3) The organs of state must practice democratic centralism.
Henk Tuten: A sneaky way of introducing dictatorship.

(4) The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history.
Henk Tuten: Not if 'the people' means 'the masses'. Change comes out of 'the masses', but by the way of successful leading variants.

(5) The masses are the real heroes, while we ourselves are often childish and ignorant
Henk Tuten: Most sheep are not heroes, and certainly not fit for leadership

(6) We, the communist Chinese nation, have the spirit to fight the enemy to the last drop of our blood, the determination to recover our lost territory by our efforts, and the ability to stand on our own feet in the family of nations
Henk Tuten: Frightening
The Hard Drug 'Rationalism'
I use the Rest replaces Family Behavior

Family behavior = Behavior around Common Sense (People all are Similar), 'Rationalism = the engineering approach (A World full Differences)

It is VERY important that Buddhist and Christian cultures realize that Roman Christian Egoism/Individualism is not just an inbalance WITHIN the unity of mind and body. Roman Christian Individualism (in the US called 'liberty', and resulting in genocide of many millions of Red Indians) is a result of SPLIT of mind and body.
Thus softening (compromising) the Western engineering approach to whatever level doesn't help. The body mind split should be repaired.
The engineering approach looks for differences (differential calculus). Like in a forest seeing thousands of different trees, each with millions of different leaves. Such a split of reality (like in the whole Roman Christian World) leads to observations like 'apartheid' of body characteristics, good versus terrorist. Instead of realizing that people are mainly similar, only member of different families (cultures), with sometimes peculiar traditions Suddenly 'social engineers' see ABSTRACT divisions like: masters and slaves, beautiful and ugly, managers and workers, BIG gamblers and OBEDIENT servants, rich and beautiful versus poor suckers etcetera.
It results in doctrines like capitalism, not aiming for progress of the collective, but using the idea individual freedom to aim (relatively) at making individuals more rich (and INHERENTLY at making poor individuals relatively more poor, though absolutely less poor). Progress in the Christian World is enlarging the gap between 'the poor' and 'the rich'.
Split of Mind and Body was formalized during European Enlightenment in the logic rationalism. Rationalism is a valuable logic in technology, IF handled with care and made useful for the collective. In social ethics the logic of differences 'rationalism' after a slow start proved to be EXTREMELY DESTRUCTIVE .
Henk Tuten: UNbreak mind and body. Don't act like a spiritual mind is playing with a complex but dum gamebox. The mind is part of the gamebox. And many gameboxes together programmed in similar way make a super-gamebox or culture.

At present China as one of the last bloccades for 'rationalism' is at rapid speed 'rationalized' (industrialism, capitalism, western democray, law and order, freedom of speech, individualism). Already infected areas (Hong Kong) work like an 'rationalism chemical weapon' (sorry, however good meaning).
It help to realize that 'rationalism' attacks like the drug 'meth' (amphetamine), only stealthier and without clear bodily damage. Users of 'rationalism' gradually arrive in ever more virtual worlds. Such worlds finally practice good-evil thinking, resulting like in the Western World in industrialism, capitalism, western democray, law and order, freedom of speech, individualism. 'Rationalism' addicts hallucinate terrorism everywhere, like 'meth' addicts imagine alien people all around. Children/parents having father/son and/or mother/daughter addicted to 'meth' will recognize the hopeless situation.


Industrialization or Industrialism

Life on earth inevitably is getting more 'artificial'. That means that tiny ants in wheelchairs will also be part of nature.

Industrializing can be done in 'nature is a unity' way (take care of earth environment), or in individual profit way (industrialism).

China as last HUGE Buddhist culture is under attack of multinationals (attack units of the Western World, think of the treacherous rol of IBM in supporting the fascism of Hitler during the WWII Holocaust).
Result: China after the USA became the second biggest polluter on earth. And the capitalist shareholders of such multinationals get the profit, at the cost of totally destroying nature.
It makes one wonder if the government of China is really buddhist. Especially when realizing the this government buys oil from a Sudanese government that commits genocide. But remember the biggest pro environment investment ever made is also done in China (the magnetic train).

The Western World industry by asking for ever more lower 'prices' forces rapidly developing China to produce below 'evolutional costs', that means it asks from the Chinese to use dirty production methods, exploit limited resources and ruin environment.

Multinationals though in itself can help improving the unity 'life'. Few big multinationals from Buddhist Japan respect 'community' and 'environment'. These big firms are heavily infected by abstract capitalist principles, but also still cherish their natural Buddhist origins.

Henk TutenA dubious fantasy: Everybody lives his/her own life, and should take care of him/her-self.
Another dubious fantasy: clans like maffia, yakuza, army, nation are all important, and above individual responsibility.

Families (cultures) are influential, decisive is their ethics.
Threat and Challenge
our walks are somewhat limited
The English word 'behavior' is a construct of 'to be' (an individual) and 'to have' (a body)
You are member of a family and use common sense, and you are an independent individual. Balance is needed.

In Chinese language 'behavior' is a construct of 'to act' and 'to obey law' (ethics = tradition = practical rules).
Such laws come from movement evoluated (sense experience in millions of ages) in common sense behavior, and are behavior made consistent by 'rules'. It makes no sense to run hard if you run towards a danger.

Ethics = Behavioral Logic was kept flexible and within borders by common sense (behavior was kept somewhat limited, as protection. Without really being limited;).
Ethics that ignores common sense is 'wishfull dreaming' (abstract) and easily becomes rigid (fundamental)

The myth 'pure reason = thinking = understanding'. Western people since Aristotle and especially since Immanuel Kant imagine 'human' animals to be no animals. They imagine beings with immaterial divine 'spirits' and material 'sinful' bodies.
'Spirits' that and use 'reason' to stay within natural law, . They believe humans need to 'think' to survive.
Most natives though know that if you meet a tiger and start 'analizing', you won't survive.

Values are created by acting, not by 'reason'. It's not 'reason without emotion' that produces happiness, but the warmth of living in families.
Two brilliant tricks in the ethics 'rationality' were valueing polarization in debate as 'not ethical', and introducing the good-evil split 'objective-subjective'.
The ancient Greek common sense debaters Socrates and Plato were masters in using polarization.
That was recognized as roleplay by their audiences because common sense does not have the notion 'individual IMMATERIAL spirit',
but considers everyBODY as member of the same collective.
Evading polarization easily results in endless compromising. And in stealthily moving towards fascism.

Start World War 2 the 'rich and powerful' in Western Europe were very afraid of socialism (and loosing their power), and sympathized with fascism (Mussolini, Franco, ...Churchill).
In 2007 the 'rich and powerful' in the Western World are very afraid of terrorism, and in the US and in Europe in leading circles fascism is growing like wildfire (ironically least in former Western Germany).
The Threat is that extreme egoism results in fascism and WWIII. The Challenge is melting Individualism and Collectivism into one balanced Human Family, and going for Change.
We shall overcome

we shall overcome Looking from a space-lab to earth starts resembling looking at a very slow slow-motion movie of a blue balloon being eaten by armies of killer ants. Killer ants in fact don't destroy. These ferocious ant armies make room for new life.

The Aristotelian Paradigm was a sidestep in evolution.
The Western Paradigm with the hallucinations consciousness and understanding learned us a lot in 'technology', but 'socially' tends towards fascism and ends in suffering, and collapse.
Individualism and Collectivism in harmony tend towards 'healthy' common sense.
Anyway: The sizable balloon Earth starts getting too small for The Human Warrior Ant. In trying to progress humans start ruining nature. Time too split up things. Respectfully trying to find a natural way of life on earth, and equally respectful start looking for fresh challenges in space.

Humans as complex copiers of behavior need role models, to learn how to behave in a family. Stimulating effectful common sense individuals and long term effectful cultures.
Language is young 'behavior', and still very tricky. When young humans copy the behavior of someone like Britney Spears, they copy her stimulating dancing talent. Mimicking her language or her belief in 'god' is only religion.
stephen hawkins and simpsons The disabled scientist Stephen Hawkins stimulates by being an example of what partially disabled people might accomplish. The Simpsons can't make any sense of his wizardlike 'rational' talking.
To combine the evolutional ethics common sense with technological 'rationality'. China is already infected by murderous 'rationality' (Hong Kong, Beijing, Sjanghai, the brute 'economic' forces behind the Olympic Games) ), but still largely common sense. Asia can save The West. The Western World can offer its its amazing skill (technology). To make an open 21th century ethics that is ready for entering space.
Common Sense Stability: ALL of earth is Collective Good, and Community Concern.
Melodies: Joanna give me Hope, Lambada, Where is the Love and The Sound of Freedom

common sense paradigm:love generation