Learning is a fundamental aspect of what it means to be human, but it’s a fact that so many people neglect to keep learning at the earliest possible opportunity. They do so in the belief that they no longer have anything worth learning and would thus stagnate. However, just as you can’t go on an Amsterdam City Trip without any preparations, you can’t go through life with only the limited knowledge that school gave you.

There is so much more to learn than what most academic institutions can provide you even throughout the 12 odd years that an average education can involve. Taking in information is a lifetime practice that should be done consciously. Unfortunately, due to the reasons below, it seems most are content with simply letting themselves drown in ignorance.

Simple Laziness

For the majority of people, not learning is simply a result of laziness. They don’t believe that it’s worth the effort and that they have better things to do with their time, preferably activities that required less brain power. There are certainly quite enough of those for folks to occupy themselves with if they want. An Amsterdam Bike Rental ride would certainly qualify.


Blatant Unwillingness

There’s also the matter of people simply being unwilling to learn anything. It’s not that they are lazy or anything since they can work hard. However, whether it’s due to resentment, trauma, or more personal reasons, there are just those who would rather go through life knowing as little as possible. Fortunately, this particular reason can be dealt with easily enough, especially if those afflicted are willing to change.


Unwarranted Fear

Finally, there are those who are afraid of learning things that would contradict their worldviews. New information has a tendency to make people see a new perspective or realize something new about the world. When those kinds of things happen, it can be life changing and that’s a result that quite a few individuals or groups would rather avoid.

As such, they fear learning about certain types of subjects. This does not apply to everything, so there’s hope, at least.