Conflict Reality

For more than 2000 years the western way of treating PERCEIVED reality has been: fighting conflicts.
Under presumption: Reality/Change invites conflict. Searching for conflicts, and then trying to eliminate those conflicts. This attitude led to a world prison full of conflicts, totally ineffective.

Those percieved as conflicting were given labels like: barbarians, heretics, amazones, heathens, infidels, outlaws, revolutionaries ...., terrorists.

Always groups of people that didn't fit THE habits, THE rules, and were PERCEIVED as hostile.

conflict Huge amounts of energy were spent in searching for conflicts, and then in the fighting of those conflicts. That possibly with a fraction of that energy things could be settled without debate and fight never seemed in question.
Dungeons were build, prisons, inquisitions erected. Armies, weapons, laws. Wars, Tribunals. Hangings. Torture. ....

Genocide. World Wars

Always fighting conflicts was justified by claiming that it was in defense of good, right, justice, human rights, human values, ....
In 2014 we have International Tribunals that act like human values are more than western morals. Tribunals that presume to make 'intelligent' decisions, as if 'intelligence' is more than western tradition.

We mould reality to fit our conflict view. Everything is treated as conflict, from medicine to social affairs. Doctors became fighters of illness (viruses, cancers, funguses, infections, ...).
Scientists became fighters for 'rationality'.
Police became crime fighter.
Trade Unions became fighters for 'rights of workers'. Soldiers became fighters of 'enemies'.
Lawyers became fighters of 'injustice'.
Politicians became fighters of ' human rights'.
  And conflicts only seem to increase in number
Out of Balance

Alexander's Warzone Until 333 BC The Middle East knew many empires, but mostly only fighting on borders and not overly agressive. Offering a kind of stability.
Then Alexander the 'Great' started plundering, aimed at destroying Persia. Alexander disappeared soon, but the Roman Empire inherited the Aristotelian ethics of his Hellenistic Empire, and ended in very expansive Catholicism.

The last 1500 years saw 3 extensions of the Roman Empire, all 3 extremely expansive variants of Roman Christianity:
The main version of 'Christianity' was Zoroastrianism.
Catholicism contains many aspects of Zoroastrianism, but much more is a Hellenistic/Roman religion.
Islam contains many aspects of Catholicism but much more is a Middle East religion.
Protestantism is a variant of Catholicism, but even more based on Aristelian thought and adding rationalism + individualism
These are 3 main variants of Christianity, the Christianity of Rome (Catholicism), the Christianity Muhammed (Islam) and the Catholicism of Luther (protestantism).
The later variant of Luther differed by even more than Catholicism fundamentally following the dual world view as Aristotle wrote down in Nicomachean Ethics. Luther's protestantism was not 'rational' at al, more 'spiritual', but after Enlightenment 'rational protestantism' developed.

1. Resulting in rise and fall of catholic Spanish and Portugese Empires (Madrid and Lisbon)
2. Resulting in muslim Islamic Empire ruled from Mecca
3. Resulting in rise and fall of rational protestant British Empire ruled from London
In World War II both were attacked by the rational protestant Nazi Empire ruled from Berlin.

And after World War II: rise of rational protestant US Empire ruled from New York
Muslim Empires were allowed to make a come-back, in return for loyalty or oil.
Rational Protestantism in the US became more puritan and hyper-rational
21st century: Fall of last extensions of Eastern and Western Roman Empire (Neo Muslim Empires and of Western World (Europe+US)
Muhammedan Catholicism

The Christianity variant of Muhammad differed (after death of Muhammad) by being monophysite and being even more expansive than Catholicism.

After the 'blitzwar' of Alexander the Great the Middle East became a warzone. A warzone that was step by step conquered by the Roman Empire. This Roman Empire made one BIG mistake, and in the end had to flee from The Middle East. To break the power of Meccan traders it allowed Muhammed to gather followers.
c. 610-22 CE Muhammad preaches in Mecca.
622 CE Muhammad and followers flee to Medina.
630 Muhammedans capture Mecca. Pilgrimage is Muhammedanized.
Under Muhammad expansion was restricted to Arabia (Saudi Arabia)

muslim conquests Aggressive expansion started after death of Muhammad.
632 Death of Muhammad. 633 Muslim conquests (Jihad and Futuhat) begin.
Jihad means: fighting in the way of Allah in order to establish a just system which upholds the laws of the Shariah and seeks to realize the aims of Islam on earth.
Futuhat = 'liberation campaigns' by Jihad resulting in the spread of Islam

633-655 AC Arab capture of Assanid Empire (centre Persia), Ghassanid Empire (centre Damascus), Byzantine Empire and North African coast.
Qur'an written
Rational Protestantism

egoism individualism protestantism Lutheran Catholicism or Protestantism differently from Catholicism preached self love (individualism and egoism).
Protestantism stated: "Self love should be practiced as true path into 'the kingdom of heaven".
Protestantism has all the ingredients in it to become more extreme than Catholicism.
During Enlightenment Protestantism developed into Rational Protestantism (Calvin-Kant Protestantism)

rational-protestantism (kant calvin) rational-protestantism (kant calvin) Until know Rational Protestantism brought us 3 empires
The British Empire
The Nazi Empire
The US Empire (most of Nazi Empire in Asia), with close friend Europe

21st century developments are that the US Empire is going to cooperate with Saudi Arabia (the investor behind Islam expansion).

A Return to the undivided Roman Empire. Politics of Power.
Russia and China fear a return of the Persian Wars, this time they can't allow staying passive.