Few people have the imagination for reality (Nietzsche). The sea is a very wild place and exciting and if frozen  dull and not exciting at all
Ice Breaker
Quote Franz Kafka: A book must be an axe for the frozen sea in us. Henk Tuten: Books have a message, surrounded by selling trics. Selling may be brilliant but here I just give the axe-message for the frozen 'Rational Paradigm' sea.
Quote of Marcuse about 'frozen' US Empire: Self-determination, the autonomy of the individual, asserts itself in the right to race his automobile, to handle his power tools, to buy a gun, to communicate to mass audiences his opinion, no matter how ignorant, how aggressive, it may be.

herbert marcuse
herbert marcuse

One Dimensional Man

Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimensional Man , Boston: Beacon Press, 1964.
Message in a few lines of common sense; by your reality redesigner henk Tuten in 2012

Keeping people alert is their goal, Critical Theory-members like Marcuse as teachers (guru's) only aim at shaking near-truths.
A one dimensional man obscures in his paradigm all behavior by cutting off all sense experience that doesn't fit the dualism of good and evil of his paradigm; also expressed as 1 and 0 or TRUE and FALSE (a world reduced to one flat dimension of 2 variables).

Marcuse recognized the extreme danger in 'rationality'of neglecting all parts of behavior between white and black (good and evil), and would have seen no surprise in following site about fascism in America.
The challenge of Marcuse as 'Seer' was to show fellow beings that their PARADIGM-reality can make them into 'herd of zombies'. By showing that the emotionless true-false dualism in the (protestant part) of the Western World leads to rigidity, disasters, death ...

4 rigidity observations about The Rational Paradigm ('One Dimensional Society') in Paradigm Shift way
Intro: Paralysis of Criticism: One Dimensional World worshipping 'Objectivity'='Justice' (Rational Society with only 'rational' Debate)
Part I: Rational Paradigm (One-Dimensional Societies) with Law and Order; mass communication (mass training), makes the 'public opinion'
Part II: Rational Paradigm (One-Dimensional Thought) suppressed the Logic of Debate (common sense); Established science and its scientific 'thinking' is by itself VERY limited, but it temporarily totally 'freezes' the world around us. It only with 'law and order' 'defends' 'scientific' 'justice' worldwide ('science' and 'justice' have many shapes)
Part III: Chance of the Alternatives (paradigm shift) : Philosophy should change from rigid Religion Rationality in flexible Training for Freedom; The present prosperous welfare states end up as 'enlightened dictatorships' practicing 'law and order', lacking freedom in BEHAVIOR (henk Tuten: Examples US and Western Europe).

marcuse was 'guru of the New Left', 'flower power': a family of beautiful individuals 4 ice-breaking proposals:
Freedom is being free (in behavior) from the daily struggle for existence
Economic freedom being free in needs (henk Tuten: read free from the religions capitalism/communism)
Political freedom is freedom from Rigid Rules (politics = Law and Order) over which they have no control.
Intellectual freedom is restoration of the individual as free willpower within the limits of a family

Marcuse: Eros and Civilization; Eros = the intuitive drive (will) to behave as family; The Young are warriors of Change